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Why do pantsu have a bow?

janeiro 31, 2024 | by


In an unusual debate that has caught the attention of users of a comment forum in Japan, the question of why the designs of the panties (“pantsu” in Japanese) often feature a bow in the front became a hot topic of conversation. The discussion attracted a variety of participants, from the curious to those with deeper knowledge of intimate fashion.


In the midst of this lively exchange of opinions, the erotic artist known as “@kwiozsn” surprised the community by offering a peculiar response. In a tweet, she wrote: “I wondered why girls have a bow on their pantsu, and when I started researching it, I discovered that it is done this way so that they don't confuse the front with the back, which I thought was cute.».

@kwiozsn's revelation triggered a series of reactions on the forum, with some users expressing surprise and others praising the erotic artist's curiosity. The unexpected explanation about the function of the bow on pantsu raised more questions about Japanese fashion and cultural traditions, providing a unique perspective on a seemingly simple but meaningful topic:

  • «Would girls like us men to also have a bow on the front of our underwear?».
  • «That reminds me that panties with cute drawings always have the bear on the ass, and not on the front.».
  • «I see, even I as a man usually make mistakes when putting on underwear, maybe we need it too».
  • «I've always thought that men also have this problem with their underwear, maybe we should resort to this».
  • «Every time I had seen erotic anime or even hentai I had asked myself the same question, I feel quite pleased to know the answer.».
  • «I thought the bow was for the gift that the panties hide inside».
  • «It makes me laugh that men also ask for bows in their underwear.».
  • «It would be quite useful to have something like that in my underpants, especially when I'm completely drunk and have no idea what's going on.».

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